Crans Baldwin- Consulting Experience

I have been asked, over the years, by various industry professionals to help on a variety of projects. I have had the chance, therefore, to learn a great deal more about our industry, and about business in general, than through my own career. I have been involved in projects related to products such as: house paint, fabrics, wall covering, furniture, hand crafted products, and lighting.

Other Areas where I have been asked to help include:

  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Corporate Turnarounds
  • Marketing Planning
  • Corporate Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Sales Planning, Strategies, and Training
  • Merchandising, Line Assortments, margins, & product development
  • Business within a business – finding growth within the existing company
  • Developing new product categories for existing companies – line extensions
  • Selling the company – planning and preparation
  • Writing & Editing
  • Career Placement

Selected Projects

  • Hired by a design firm to help the principal develop a home furnishings collection utilizing the designs of a major UK fashion brand.
  • Hired by a design firm to help with a business transformation resulting from a change in generational control at the firm.
  • Hired by a multi-unit independent decorative showroom company to help analyze their business and develop strategies to improve all aspects of their showroom business inside and out.
  • Helped developed business, merchandising and marketing plans & materials for a luxury floor-covering design firm seeking to develop an artisanal textile collection for the US interior design industry.
  • Assisted a US Decorative textile company disengage itself from its existing distribution and then eventually sell itself to a larger company
  • Worked with the owner of a luxury hospitality textile company to prepare 40 years of records and documents, and write proposals, in preparation for the sale of the company.
  • Did the research and prepared a complete industry analysis, divisional structure, and proposed roll-out for a large textile company seeking to enter the health care textile industry.
  • Took on a two-year assignment to turn around an American furniture company to make it salable for an owner who wished to move and had to sell the company to do so.
  • Assisted an international Consulting firm as an industry expert for a project involving the re-marketing of one of the world’s leading brands of interior paint.

Personal Reviews:

Crans’ commitment to superior customer-centric relationship building has always placed him ahead of the pack. Even as a President or CEO of 5 different companies, Crans was always committed to client relationship building above all else.

Too many top executives  “say it” and not enough of them “do it” these days. The “doing it”, the going after the business and listening to what is truly important to customers today, is what sets this consulting and leadership expert apart from all others. Having this edge and a wealth of relevant experience helps him to understand your business, challenges & opportunities, and the strengths and weaknesses of your staff, all within a very short period of time.

Ready for change? Bring him in to help!