Crans Baldwin- Consulting Experience

I have been asked, over the years, by various industry professionals to help on a variety of projects. I have had the chance, therefore, to learn a great deal more about our industry, and about business in general, than through my own career. I have been involved in projects related to products such as: house paint, fabrics, wall covering, furniture, hand crafted products, temporary tattoos, and lighting.

Other Areas where I have been asked to help include:

  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Corporate Turnarounds
  • Marketing Planning
  • Corporate Succession Planning
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Sales Planning, Strategies, and Training
  • Merchandising, Line Assortments, margins, & product development
  • Business within a business – finding growth within the existing company
  • Developing new product categories for existing companies – line extensions
  • Selling the company – planning and preparation
  • Writing & Editing
  • Career Placement

Selected Projects

  • Hired by a design firm to help the principal develop a home furnishings collection utilizing the designs of a major UK fashion brand.
  • Hired by a design firm to help with a business transformation resulting from a change in generational control at the firm.
  • Hired by a multi-unit independent decorative showroom company to help analyze their business and develop strategies to improve all aspects of their showroom business inside and out.
  • Helped developed business, merchandising and marketing plans & materials for a luxury floor-covering design firm seeking to develop an artisanal textile collection for the US interior design industry.
  • Assisted a US Decorative textile company disengage itself from its existing distribution and then eventually sell itself to a larger company
  • Worked with the owner of a luxury hospitality textile company to prepare 40 years of records and documents, and write proposals, in preparation for the sale of the company.
  • Did the research and prepared a complete industry analysis, divisional structure, and proposed roll-out for a large textile company seeking to enter the health care textile industry.
  • Took on a two-year assignment to turn around an American furniture company to make it salable for an owner who wished to move and had to sell the company to do so.
  • Assisted an international Consulting firm as an industry expert for a project involving the re-marketing of one of the world’s leading brands of interior paint.