Misia, is the story of a woman, an icon, a muse: Madame M, the M of Misia. She lives, loves, dreams and creates in today’s world; she haunts fashionable places; goes wherever the brand flies to ; leaves her mark; and a waft of perfume in her wake.

She writes novels in which she is the heroine: The romantic novels of Madame M; she imagines herself living in the Twenties, that avant-garde decade, and delights in enjoying a passionate, ultra-modern lifestyle.

Misia is a highly experiential brand.
Each of its trips, each of its escapades, each of its collections is the product and essence of an artistic, emotional, sensory experience … rich anecdotes and fragments of stories and dreams, Misia fabrics are much more than a single delight  for the eye, or a pleasure to the touch: they enchant multiple senses.

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